Specialist coatings

Specialist coatings

With Just Add Colour, you have a wide range of specialist coatings to choose from.

Waterproofing ‘Keeping it dry’

Hi-build acrylic membrane systems applied and measured to ensure your building is kept free of moisture. All applications are warranted and monitored by the manufacturer and Just Add Colour.

Two-pack Epoxy Coatings

The Two-pack Epoxy is made to last and is very hard wearing. Two-pack epoxy coating is often applied in areas that require a high level of hygiene, or to steel, marine areas, hi traffic floor areas, or for protection from graffiti.

Textured Coatings

interior and exterior coatings applied either by brush, roller, trowel, hopper or spray, creating a decorative finish and style.

Decorative Finishes

We provide a wide variety of special effects, graining paint and multiple colour applications.